from proffessor doctor Yordanka Uzunova
The desire to reproduce is considered to be a man’s strongest experienced emotion. Thus, it comes as no surprise that infertility is one of the most stressful conditions in man’s life, equating to the presence of a serious illness in terms of power of experience. Invariably it disturbs the physiological harmony in sex life, it discredits the social function of the individual, especially in countries where family planning is a state policy. Although they do not represent a direct threat to health, erection disorders have a big impact on quality of life. Confidence in sexual performance is very important for men. It defines their self-esteem and social expression. As a result, men can easily become depressed or even unpredictably aggressive; in some cases they could limit their social contacts, or reduce their ability to work, or change their overall behaviour and way of communicating with people in their families.
Male reproductive and sexual health care is not only a subject of medicine but of various other industries as well.
The ‘cooling pouch’ is one of Boxair’s unique and patented characteristics.

1. The model (type) of the underwear – boxers, provides relative freedom in body positioning.
It is undeniable fact that any compression of the scrotum is reported as trauma that leads to disturbances in both erection and reproduction.
2. The presence of a “pouch”, which separates testicles from direct contact with inner thighs prevents from skin rubbing in certain locations.  Side panels follow the physiological curves of male body.
3. The combination of two types of technological fibers contribute to prevention of  testicular overheating . Prolonged increased testicular temperature is detrimental to sperm production . This fact is especially important for men who have spermatogenesis disorders due to various congenital or acquired diseases such as varicocele (varicose vein of the spermatic cord), hydrocele (accumulation of fluids in the scrotum) development of prostatitis and others, as well as altered anatomical ratios in this delicate organ and its physiology.
4. The possibility of moisture control and maintaining dry skin  and thus  eliminating  a variety of bacterial pathogens would act preventively to the development of the skin irritations and similar  types of infections.
The above characteristics of the innovative product "SPERMAX cooling  pouch " and my extensive professional experience in the field of andrology led to the following conclusions:
1. The underwear, produced by "SPERMAX Ltd" - Burgas with patented features, meet male needs.
2. Its daily use is reasonable and preferable as preventive in sport and training, regardless the age of the user.