Story of Boxair

The idea of Boxair was born back in 2006... I was thriving  - I had my family, two beautiful children, a successful business, lots of friends.

But for a dear friend of mine things were not looking so good. His dream to become a father was slipping away from him and clouded everything else in his otherwise orderly life. Doctors could not establish any specific physiological reasons for infertility in either him or his wife. In his quest to find alternative solutions he was constantly searching the Internet for information.

One day he emailed me a piece of research containing extensive empirical data and biological facts. It was talking about the impact of clothing -  and specifically of underwear - on male fertility. At the time I was running a company for men's underwear manufacturing and I had over 9 years of experience in the field.

At first I thought it was another made-up article on the Web - some kind of well-though-out PR with lots of evidence to make it look authentic. I decided to explore the subject further - I consulted with specialists in the field of andrology, anatomists, and even a physicist. It turned out I was wrong.  Of course underwear was important and I should have known better. This was my business after all. Somehow until that moment these things were all irrelevant to me. As it often happens, things are irrelevant until they hit us...

I embraced it as a personal challenge to develop underwear that will help men feel safe when it comes to their sexual and reproductive health. At the time I did not care about the brand name or the design, or the tons of admin issues that go hand in hand with bringing an innovation to the marketplace. I only knew that I had to create the ultimate underwear that protects men from facing fertility issues due to something as prosaic as overheating. And this is how Boxair was ‘conceived’.

Today Boxair is a fact. I sincerely hope that men realise how important it is to look after their health on an everyday basis, and not only when it’s necessary or when it’s already too late. We lead busy, dynamic and stressful lives, trying to keep up with everything. As a result, we often ignore the small details that - with time - can cause us big troubles. Boxair is not the solution. Boxair is the prevention. The rest is up to you.