Icecool is trade mark tech fiber, consisting 100% of Boxair’ cooling section front panel.
The fabric has fine, porous structure that favors airflow and fast drying.
The perfect moisture management of the fabric is due to the patented cross section of the fiber and its specific weaving process. The wicking channels within the fiber and between fiber yarns quickly expel moisture to textile surface, where it seamlessly evaporates. This contributes to the effective thermoregulation of the contact area. Humidity control eliminates bacteria growth factors; the skin remains protected and dry, feeling cool and comfortable.
Those characteristics of Boxair cooling section are durable and cannot be washed away or worn out.
Additional hydrophobic power effect is achieved by subsequent nano treatment with titanium oxide solution. Nano crystals wrap the yarn with tiny fibers called “nano whiskers”, thus creating hydrophobic surface which leads to fast evaporation of drained moist – known as the Lotus effect.


Bamboo charcoal tech fiber production follows patented technology.
Selected Taiwanese bamboo with a strong and porous structure, with about 15% - 18% water content is first dried in shade and then carbonized in a traditional Asian clay furnace at 800◦ C for. The result is dense carbon, with fine and smooth surface, when hit clinks like metal.
Through micron grinding and biochemical technology, a high-quality fiber with biological origin and a numerous technical properties is produced.
Bamboo fibers emit 90% of far infrared radiation /FIR/ with wavelength of 4–14μm, is also known as “the light of life”. This promotes blood circulation and heat exchange; also helps maintain regular body temperature in the contact area.
The propeller shaped section of yarn also accelerates quick drying by effective moisture control structure. Moist is drained up to surface for full evaporation. Fabric dries out up to 60% faster compared to cotton.
Bamboo fibers have natural mineral content which determine their antiperspirant and antimicrobial features. Minerals enhance moist absorption thus preventing bacteria growth and unpleasant odors.