The specially  designed cooling section of the underwear  consists  of two different  tech fibers, which optimize  air  circulation and  improve  thermodynamics  of the intimate zone.  Nanocrystals  treatment  and  cross-section structure of fibres create draining system that pulls moisture away from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric, therefore temperature in the contact area is reduced by up to -2°C  compared to other materials .
Specific  side membranes  from carbonized bamboo tech fiber separate testicles from inner thighs, preventing  overheating and stimulating  blood circulation.
Cooling section protects testicles and inner thighs from contact, while intimate parts stay naturally relaxed and physically comfortable. Side panels are constructed to follow the anatomic curves of men’s body and delicately shape intimate area without performing pressure and tension.
Side membrane mesh boosts airflow and due to innate body movements, even while resting, there is continuous air circulation in the section, providing coolness and moisture control.
The combination of two high-end tech fibers contributes to stop the increase of testicular temperature. Contact with cooling section of the underwear reduces the temperature in the intimate area by up to 2 ° C. Mineral content in tech fibers controls humidity, keeps testicles dry and eliminates body odors.